Discover How Mariana Uses CBD Arousal Oil to Ease Painful Sex

It's a difficult "fact of life" that even in the best of relationships, many women have experienced discomfort — even severe pain — during intercourse.

There are so many potential causes — but it's too often the case that women don't feel free to speak up, or assume it's normal and they must suffer in silence.

This spring, Foria invited women to try Awaken for 5 days and to share about their experience. Mariana — who was already a fan of Foria Pleasure — found that Awaken relieved her ongoing problem experiencing pain during sex.

What's Up Doc?

Is Awaken always the solution to pain during sex? No. Painful sex can suggest that it's time for a checkup with a doctor you trust — one who values your sexual health & enjoyment. (If your doctor or gyno ever dismiss or belittle your experience, then it's time to find a new doctor.)

But before assuming there's something medical going on, it's also worth checking in with your body, your emotions, and your mind.

Discover CBD arousal oil benefits

Holistic FEMALE Pleasure

In a culture where sex and sexuality have tended to center on men, many of us — men and women both — have never learned the unique rhythms and tides of feminine sensual pleasure.

Not only is the female arousal cycle slower than the male, feminine sexual response is also much more deeply entwined with a woman's fundamental sense of safety and relaxation. ​

For women who experience non-medical challenges with painful sex, the healing path often starts with slowing down, practicing sensual self-massage in private, and letting go of goal-driven focus on reaching orgasm. Tuning in to the simpler pleasures of non-sexual sensuality, nurturance and love, can be deeply healing and help to unwind residual tension or lingering trauma.

In the coming weeks, Foria will be exploring how women and men can explore this path of sensual self-healing. If you're interested and would like to know more, don't hesitate to share your questions and suggestions via

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