Cosmo Says... Foria Pleasure is Sexcellent


Cosmopolitan magazine has been encouraging women to explore and enjoy their sexuality for decades, and a lot of lubes, toys, and other pleasure-enhancing gizmos cross their legendary desks. This year, they’ve selected our famous Foria Pleasure Arousal Lube with THC as among the best sex enhancements on the scene in 2019. And because Cosmo would certainly know, we’re pleased to add their accolades to our collection of great press…

Introducing the Cosmo Stamp of Sexcellence

This cannabis-containing magic oil helps elevate sensations and/or reduce pain ­during sex. Reviewers freak out over how intensely it does both (while haters are just mad they can’t get their hands on it yet).

If you’re Foria-curious but don’t live in CA or CO, try Foria Awaken -- our all-natural arousal oil, featuring broad-spectrum CBD plus 7 other plant-based aphrodisiacs in organic coconut MCT oil. Available in all 50 states and around the world. 

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