• Tonic by VICE / The Truth About Organic Lubes
Tonic by VICE / The Truth About Organic Lubes

Foria Awaken ($48)

Ding ding ding. We have a winner. The Foria brand has made its splash (heh) by being one of the first companies to use cannabis in their lubricant products. While its THC-laced products are only available to members in California, they've recently released a similar product that can be purchased and shipped worldwide. Awaken is a spray that contains hemp (which is legal) but no THC (the active ingredient in cannabis that gives you a high but is still not federally legal).

First of all, this spray is not just tolerable, it's delicious. It smells and tastes like Girl Scout Thin Mints. It helps that the ingredients are all organic herbs and spices found more often in cookie recipes than lube (peppermint, cacao, vanilla, cardamom oils). Liquid coconut oil helps keeps things slippery as well—but careful, like Soul Coconut Moisturizer above, it's not compatible with condoms. And as per Streicher's warning about putting various spices in your cooch, Foria actually notes on their site that some of their potent ingredients—whether organic or not—can be irritating to folks with sensitive skin, especially if there's something unusual—yeast infections, razor burn, or STIs—going on down there.

Awaken has a quick onset, and only minutes after being sprayed, I could feel things begin to, well, awaken. My clitoris definitely started tingling, and every usual sensation I get with regular orgasms seemed amplified somehow. I became much more sensitive to the touch, and noticed some increased blood flow in the region, which certainly helped when it came to experiencing just more of all the euphoric physical sensations of sex. We used the spray on my husband as well, just to see if he got any benefit, but he said it didn't really do much for him. At the same time, it may not have been left on long enough, because well, it tastes like cookies.

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  • Andrew Hay