The PACT Act & Our CBD Vape Pen


For fans of our Intimacy Botanical Vape Pen with CBD, we have some sad news. New US regulations on the sale and shipment of all vape pens mean that we won’t be able to sell or ship our vape after April 22, 2021.

We’d like to stress that this is not because of any safety concerns specific to our Intimacy Vape. It’s a matter of new federal laws and their impact on the shipping of vape products.

The PACT Act was part of the stimulus package passed by the Trump administration in late December 2020, and was, in part, designed to place enormous restrictions on the sale/shipment of vape products. 

CBD vapes are now being regulated similarly to tobacco products, making it essentially impossible for retailers to get products to consumers through common carriers such as USPS and UPS/FedEx. 

This new law has profoundly affected the CBD vape industry. Its intended impact has been to end the sale and shipment of any e-cigarette/vape product, including CBD options.

These restrictions have led some carriers and brands to cease shipping vape products already, and others to end shipping in April. As a result, we will not be able to fulfill orders for any of our vape products – pens or cartridges – after April 22, 2021.

If the PACT Act is repealed or amended, or if we're able to find a cost-effective solution to ship our vape products, we would certainly like to resume offering our Intimacy Vape.

We know our vape is a community favorite, and we love it too. If we’re able to sell and ship it again, you’ll be the first to know. In the meantime, stock up now! And we’ll keep finding new ways to bring you deep enjoyment, however we can.

Yours in health and pleasure, 


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