• The Magical Versatility of the Coconut
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The Magical Versatility of the Coconut

Coconut Oil is a serious multi-tasker. This true gift from nature can work magic on you, inside and out. We use the miracle oil as the basis for Awaken.

In addition to being extremely moisturizing (it leaves everything it touches softer and silkier) Coconut Oil is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. And since it smells and tastes like a tropical vacation, Coconut Oil is truly the ultimate pleasure tool.

Below are just a few of our favorite uses for the mighty Coconut Oil.  

  • Spread it around. Not only does it make an act of intimacy a smooth and scent-ual experience, but you can then smear it on your hands, feet, elbows or anywhere that needs some extra moisture and love.

  • Throw it in your hair for a five-minute mask before washing, drying and rocking lustrous bed head.

  • Throw it in your after sex espresso for a nutty morning pick me up.

  • Give your partner added moisture during oral pleasure, and then swish some around in your mouth for a few minutes to kill any bacteria and whiten your teeth.

  • If you happen to swallow some while in the heat of the moment, don’t worry. Eating a spoonful of coconut oil a day can help boost testosterone levels, reduce prostate size, build bone strength, and make you drop a few lbs.

And one last reason we think Coconut Oil is the ideal foundation for a superior lube, is all things it DOESN’T have. Many name brand lubes can include parabens, glycerin, synthetic dyes and fragrances, and loads of other things that you would never want to say, sprinkle on your dinner.

Awaken is 100% Mother Nature’s finest, free of synthetics.

  • Mathew Gerson
  • 100% NaturalCoconut OilForia Awaken