The moment I discovered "vagina weed" to combat my painful PMS symptoms.

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It wasn’t until after I stopped taking the pill—i.e. hormonal birth control, which I started at 16 to improve my skin—that I started experiencing painful PMS symptoms.

I had braced myself for what internet forums and friends had warned against: irregular periods, moodiness, cramping, bad skin and weight gain. To my surprise, save for a few drugstore pregnancy test scares, my cycle regulated pretty quickly, with my weight staying relatively the same. But the one thing that did change was the cramps, which grew exceedingly worse every month and left me doubled over in pain, causing me to miss work or cancel plans with friends in favor of sitting in front of Netflix curled up to a hot water bottle with Midol at the ready.

So I considered my options. I could get a hormonal IUD that would defeat the purpose of going off the pill to get away from synthetic hormones—I had been there, done that, and even bought the T-shirt saying “I HATE THIS” in bold, graphic letters across the front). So I decided to do some research into alternative cures and there it was: medical marijuana. I had dabbled in smoking to alleviate anxiety, cramps and general malaise, but I started to hear rumblings of other methods to administer the herbal cure, like vaginal CBD oil suppositories to combat cramps—otherwise known as dysmenorrhea.

Vagina Cannabis Capsules Foria
Courtesy of Foria

I made it my mission to find the product in Toronto, but then promptly forgot about it for a few weeks. If you’re a woman, you’ll know that you tend to forget about your monthly annoyance during in-between times. It wasn’t until I was stumbled upon a new chic new shop in my neighborhood—the kind that sells expensive succulents, crystals and locally designed minimalist jewelry—that turned out to be a very stylish dispensary, which happened to carry another version of the vaginal suppositories I had read about.

I promptly bought three capsule-shaped CBD oil jellies containing only 25 mg of THC (these were available in 25, 50 and 100 mg), and anticipated my period with excitement for the first time maybe ever.

Two weeks later it was time to put them to the test. I consulted the directions and went to town. It’s kind of like inserting a tampon without the applicator, that is to say, uncomfortable for the uninitiated, but eventually I got the hang of it. Although studies have not conclusively discovered how cannabis works to combat dysmenorrhea, though some research suggests it helps the nerves in the uterus, cervix and ovaries to relax and block pain by suppressing the mechanisms responsible for inflammation.

So I lay in bed waiting for the medicine to kick in while I caught up on the Kardashians. Halfway through watching one of their elaborately luxurious family vacations, my abdominal muscles released and a calm akin to a very restorative yoga class washed over my body, while my mind retained the same sharp clarity I normally experience after shavasana. There were no psychoactive effects from the THC.

"It’s kind of like inserting a tampon without the applicator, that is to say, uncomfortable for the uninitiated, but eventually I got the hang of it."

Unlike a tampon, the capsule dissolves in your cervix so you don’t have to worry about it after inserting, and the effects of the suppository lasted long enough that I was able to fall asleep without pain and wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed.

While the capsules, which I’ve nicknamed vagina weed, are simply a treatment of PMS symptoms and not a permanent solution in terms of fixing the root cause, it’s something that has been more effective for me than anything else I’ve found. I now give them to girlfriends as gifts and have heard nothing but positive things about their pain healing powers.

For women in New York who suffer from menstrual cramps, a bill was passed in May that would allow you to legally consume marijuana under the state’s medical marijuana program (it has yet to be signed into law). New Jersey was considering a similar bill last year. Now let's wait for the rest of America to follow suit.

Is Cannabis the Women’s Wellness Cure We’ve Been Waiting for?

  • By Jordyn Cormier
  • February 12, 2017

No matter how you feel about it, cannabis is a fast-growing facet of the wellness industry. Sixty percent of Americans support legalized marijuana—and for good reason. Cannabis has been shown to help with anxiety, chronic pain, blood sugar regulation, seizures, inflammation and so much more. But cannabis may also help in an oft unaddressed area of wellness: women’s sexual health.

Women’s sexual health is notoriously undervalued. Many women have immense difficulty orgasming or relaxing during sex, while others experience sometimes crippling symptoms of menstruation, like unrelenting cramps and heavy nausea. Not enough has been done in the wellness world to support women’s healthy sexuality. Cannabis has the power to change that.

Cannabis has been used by cultures for millennia to enhance sexuality and the sexual experience. In a profound way, it can help modern day women have both healthier sexual experiences as well as more tolerable menstrual cycles. While it may seem odd, using cannabis to support a healthy sex life makes sense. After all, cannabis promotes muscle relaxation and increased blood flow, both of which are essential for a healthy sex life.

This therapeutic value is what led Mathew Gerson to found FORIA, a line of cannabis suppositories and sprays designed specifically for people with vaginas.

Mathew Gerson, FORIA’s co-CEO/creator, is no stranger to the business of making sex safer and healthier. As creator and former CEO of Sir Richard’s condoms, he worked to make condoms cooler and more accessible to those who really need them. Now, he’s on to help women have healthier and more empowered sex lives with FORIA’s cannabis vaginal products.

FORIA is a line of vaginal suppositories and vaginal sprays that infuse cannabis with vaginal-friendly oils like liquid coconut oil and organic cocoa butter. Their popular, aptly named products include Pleasure and Relief.

Pleasure is a sexual enhancement oil that promotes relaxation, increases blood flow to reproductive organs and the current line offers a mild psychoactive effect. It contains solely THC and works as a pre-lube, applied a few minutes before things get frisky. While I haven’t tried it personally, it has received rave reviews. Women claim it has made sex more powerful, emotional and sensual. Some experience multiple powerful orgasms. Others claim it allows them to fully enjoy sex for the first time. And that is truly a beautiful thing. Pleasure seems to help women who experience pain, discomfort or anxiety during sex to finally begin relishing in their sexuality and enjoy getting it on.

Suffer from killer menstrual cramps, back pain and headaches when it’s that time of the month? Relief has been formulated to have no psychotropic effect (meaning it won’t get you high) and is designed to help ease the symptoms of menstruation. It contains both THC and CBDs. When inserted into the uterine area with a tampon applicator (but don’t be fooled; it’s not a tampon), CBDs directly affect the immune system and nerve endings within the uterus, ovaries, cervix and surrounding tissues to suppress inflammation and relax muscles to reduce cramping. THC helps to block pain signal in the nerves to reduce discomfort. Think of Relief as a natural, more effective Midol, without the serious side effects, potential drug interactions, artificial colorings or fancy pharmaceutical patent.

Currently, both Relief and Pleasure are only available in California and Colorado, but Gerson says they are working to get their products in to recently legalized states soon.*

*(For those who don’t live in cannabis-friendly states, a cool new product, Awaken, will be released in March that will be legal in all 50 states, regardless of marijuana laws. It will be a lubricant like Pleasure, but comprised of the whole plant extract of organic hemp, meaning it will have the potent therapeutic benefits of most cannabinoids without any of the psychoactive effects of THC.  I think that’s pretty exciting!)

I had the chance to chat with Gerson about the wellness industry, the benefits of cannabis, its shifting public image from dangerous drug to plant-based medicine. According to Gerson:

“We need to holistically look at our health and be citizen scientists for our own bodies. It’s been forgotten that you have a right to understand your own body. We don’t need to wait for the upper echelons of the health industry to tell us something is good. Figure it out for yourself.”

When I asked what Gerson would say to those who still cling to the negative stigma that has followed cannabis in recent decades, he said:

“We need to be really sensitive to other attitudes and beliefs and respect them. We need to allow people to have their positions and learn [about cannabis's medicinal benefits] through first and secondhand experiences.”

“Tell people, do your research. Look at the research on how cannabis has helped so many sick people. The most transformative way to share cannabis is to inspire that empathy response… We are at the vanguard here, and the diversity of benefits being discovered is almost daily, with all the studies being published, I believe in 5 to 10 years, cannabis will completely separate itself from the long shadow that’s been cast over it.”

Cannabis has the potential to be tremendously beneficial for not only women, but our health and wellness as a culture. Perhaps cannabis has a future in your medicine cabinet, having so many beneficial uses and no serious side effects. In fact, Gerson thinks cannabis is a uniquely loving plant with both medicinal and cultural value:

“It is really a very compassionate plant [cannabis], I can say that for sure. It loves us. It dulls pain and increases the good feels. We’ve co-evolved with this plant—in fact, our bodies have receptors that specifically interact with it. We’ve grown together.”

And it seems true. Cannabis must love us. It has empowered the health of so many people, from inconsolable seizure patients to women who have long suffered with sexual dysfunction. Who knew a humble plant could so powerfully revolutionize the modern wellness industry?

Read the whole article here: 

Five months, five methods, no ibuprofen. What worked? FORIA Relief!


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I Tried 5 Alternative Period Cramp Cures and Here's What Actually Worked

Five months, five methods, no ibuprofen. 

 By Hannah Smothers | Dec 01, 2016

"Foria is a newish company that’s either totally outrageous or doing the Lord’s work, depending on how you want to look at it."

According to a report from CNN, pain management is the most commonly prescribed use for medical marijuana in the United States. Foria's website says their little butter-encased suppository works to "directly impact the immune system and the nerve endings of the uterus, cervix, ovaries and surrounding smooth muscle tissues." Or in other words, it targets all the parts of you that hurt while you're on your period and tries to relax them.


The best instruction, though, was the one that said I should lie down for a while and relax. After cultivating my perfect vagina-weed environment, I messaged my editor, “ok it’s weed time,” and shoved the suppository into my vagina, with the help of a tampon applicator.


The accompanying instructions told me I shouldn’t necessarily feel high. But let me tell you. I felt high. Not, like, I-can’t-perform-my-job-anymore-today high, but definitely things-are-funny!!!! high. I ate my cookie and then also ate approximately 45 Annie’s white cheddar bunnies. And then also I ordered a sandwich. But! I totally felt no pain. My cramps, which had been firing away at full blast, subsided as my weed butter melted in my vagina.

In short, I loved these little THC butter bullets. Not quite enough to move to California (I don’t trust a state with that much sunshine), but definitely enough to hoard my remaining three for days when my cramps are truly awful.


Four "bowing deeply" emojis, because I was truly in awe of this weed butter vagina experience.