• Does a high Vagina make Sex Better? We find out with Foria Cannabis-infused Personal Lube.
Does a high Vagina make Sex Better? We find out with Foria Cannabis-infused Personal Lube.

For those who love cannabis and love sex, the thought of combining the two is pretty titillating.

Feb 11, 2015 | Susan Squibb "The Cannabis Maven" via Elephant Journal

With all the excitement of a commercially available cannabis sex oil, is the excitement true or is it hype?

For the enticing product review, I gave three samples to three enthusiastic women to test solo and with their partners for 10 days. Then, the women shared their opinions, the scope of their experiences and the quality of the product as measured by answering an extensive review. (To assure confidentiality, their names have been changed to Goddess names, Venus, Athena and Hera!)

Venus shared the waiting time before sex was different for her too, but it heightened the anticipation. 
“One night I applied it, walked out into the living room and giving my best bedroom eyes, I looked at my lover and said, ‘I’m marinating.’
"It was really quite hysterical and exciting. After that it was most difficult to wait but we did! That’s when I took a bong rip and got super high. F*ck yeah."
“While marinating, I was all kinds of tingly. I wanted to see if I could get high through my vagina. I think I did, but it was pretty mild.”
Overall, “our bodies were looser and more relaxed. I recall having a screaming orgasm that time.”
Athena said, “I think my pussy did feel high, if that’s possible! She felt very soft, warm, tingly and relaxed. Same with my partner—he didn’t feel high after oral. I definitely felt heightened sensations in both my clitoris and inside my vagina—very subtle but noticeable.
"I felt more engorged in both areas with slight tingling sensation. My partner said he thought my vagina felt tighter, caressed him more fully when he was inside me.” 

Two goddess reviewers were very excited by Foria and one thinks it’s mostly hype.

Are you ready to try your hand with Foria and see for yourself?


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  • Brittany Confer