Giving Tuesday: Sun + Earth Cannabis Farms

We’ve written about the positive environmental potential of the cannabis plant, but as more and more cannabis acreage is planted across the USA, we should be working to institute beyond-organic practices that tap into all the benefits — for humans and the environment — that this remarkable plant has to offer.

At Foria, we believe that human wellbeing and the health of our environment are inextricably linked. Since the beginning, we’ve selected only certified-organic ingredients whenever possible, as our way of opposing agricultural practices that harm people and planet. 

As the hemp and cannabis industry grows, we’re doing our part to set a good example and support the brave farmers who take their stewardship role seriously. 

Giving Tuesday: Giving to the Earth

That’s why we’re proud to be donating 10% of our proceeds on Giving Tuesday 2019 to a nonprofit that’s close to our hearts: Sun + Earth

Sun + Earth is working to certify cannabis farms that go beyond organic standards: growing regeneratively, building soil health and protecting water and biodiversity, while treating workers fairly – essential practices for a new and growing industry.

In our California dispensary products, Foria has recently committed to sourcing exclusively from Sun + Earth farms, meaning our THC arousal oils and menstrual suppositories go beyond organic — for the health of you and our planet.

To earn Sun + Earth certification, in addition to meeting minimum organic standards, cannabis farmers must show that they also abide by the following criteria...

Earth Care & Cultivation

Conventional agriculture too often depletes the soil of essential nutrients, leaving the ground sterile and unable to support future crops as well as the natural ecosystems that depend on it. Although organic standards disallow synthetic fertilizers, they don't mandate other steps that create truly vibrant soils.

Sun + Earth certification ensures that farmers are building soil quality through mulching, crop rotation, intelligent use of cover crops, and other regenerative practices that ensure healthy, fertile soil — while also protecting habitat crucial to biodiversity. 

Many Sun + Earth farms are integrated into precious forests, and as we’ve been learning recently, forest soil-fungi create an amazing network that actually transports nutrients to trees and plants that need it. This soil web also helps to sequester carbon from the atmosphere, making regenerative agriculture an urgent, beautiful solution to our climate concerns.

Human Empowerment

Agricultural workers have historically been marginalized and exploited, laboring for long hours under harsh conditions with little pay. Fair Trade certification is a great solution to this for products like chocolate, but what about cannabis?

The Sun + Earth certification goes beyond plants and pesticides, to people — requiring that cannabis farmworkers be treated fairly, with adequate compensation, in safe and healthy working conditions, free of discrimination, harassment, and exploitation.

Community Engagement

A truly regenerative farm isn’t an island. Just as its soil affects local animals, water, and forests, a regenerative farm should also be beneficial to its surrounding human ecosystem. 

Sun + Earth certified farms must have a written mission plan for engaging with and improving their local communities, including a requirement to share their farming knowledge. 

Responsible environmental stewardship is always a work in progress, and standards like Sun + Earth give farmers and companies a roadmap for improving their impact while standing out in the dispensary as a truly pure, positive product.

We only get one planet. Working together to keep our Mother Earth healthy and thriving is vital for a vibrant future. And supporting organizations like Sun + Earth is a key component of Foria’s strategy to improve our own practices moving forward.

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